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Aegis Health Analytics Advisory provides a complete solution to help stakeholders in a healthcare ecosystem identify strategic opportunities to accelerate health care transformation. 

Aegis Health Analytics has formidable experience in national and international healthcare. 


Our distinctive knowledge of healthcare delivery combined with our native understanding of the culture and healthcare venue, place our team at the forefront of providing advisory services to help clients increase effectiveness and savings.


We provide consulting, business project development, and government relations services.


Global Health
Health Systems
Government Relations
Health Financing
Actionable Market Intelligence

Aegis Health Analytics provides clients with on-the-ground insights and nuanced understanding of each market's unique political context and the underlying factors that drive health policy.  We equip clients with the knowledge to make the best informed judgments, and work in close collaboration to develop and implement effective strategies and tactics. 

Health Equity Strategic Advisory

  • Cross agency collaboration

  • Strategic Private sector partnerships

  • Leadership development

  • Health Disparities Plan

  • Strategic communication

  • Science/Knowledge development

  • Other Program Functions

  • Health in all policies

  • Access to care coordination

Social Responsible Investing Advisory

Aegis Health Analytics partners with the government, business, the social sector and the financial community to find better ways of tackling social problems.


We support our clients by developing and building funding models to tackle entrenched social problems and bring rigour and capital networks to the delivery of social change.injects market principles into funding in a way that stands or falls on results – both social and financial. Innovative financial products forge essential links between the market, government and society for the greater good.


Aegis Health Analytics employs proprietary algorithms and evidence-based best practices to inform the client and capital partners on program design and performance measures to de-risk investments and deliver results.

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