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What We Do

Innovative Analytics and Advisory to Improve Population Health and Care


Innovative Analytics and Advisory to Improve Population Health and Care

What We Do

Drive System Transformation 

We empower those who deliver and pay for care with Actionable Intelligence 


Aegis Health Analytics sponsored the CGI commitment as a Public Private Partnership with the District of Columbia and 40 stakeholders from the health system and community to reduce the infant mortality rate in D.C. from 7.4 in 2014 to 5.0 by 2020. 


Aegis Health Analytics drives system transformation with:

  • Adavanced analytics to stratify population health risk and determine effective interventions to achieve quality objectives

  • Health information data linkages and technology partners to facilitate patient centered care and wellness

  • Provider performance scorecards and predictive analytics

  • Stakeholder engagement in developing innovative payment and service delivery models to cost-effectively improve the health outcomes and health care services

  • Developing policy recommendations and modeling the financial impact of recommended policies

  • Communications and public relations activities

CGI Commitment to Reduce Infant Mortality

Prevent preventable infant deaths

Accountability for outcomes

Reduce health disparities

Better spend of healthcare dollars

We provide a network of resources to assist the client with achieving its goals


We have formidable experience in health systems globally from policy, system design, technology and financing.  Our distinctive knowledge of healthcare delivery combined with our native understanding of the culture and healthcare venue, place our team at the forefront of providing products and services to help clients increase effectiveness and savings.

We empower those who deliver and pay for care with system performance transparency


The health ecosystem stakeholders leverage the intelligence provided by Aegis Health Analytics to proactively direct scarce resources to those at highest risk, eliminate redundancies, prevent gaps in access to care and services, and instill accountability for provider performance tied to payments. We provide secure, cloud-based Quality Hubs to predict provider performance and measure outcomes.

We create shared value to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all


Companies do best when simultaneously pursuing economic value creation while also addressing societal needs.  Beyond social responsibility,  we advise on creating shared value as a competitive imperative.  This requires both creative evaluation of the total health ecosystem value chain and effective engagement and collaboration with government, business, philanthropy and other stakeholders. 

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